• Goal: Provide justification for the need of 9-1-1 public education
    Objective: Deliver quantitative data to show stakeholders the need for 9-1-1 education
  • Goal: Discover funding for PET projects
    Objective: Identify and obtain means for funding to create public education materials and programs
  • Goal: Provide an alternative location for one quarterly meeting
    Objective: Provide an alternate location for meetings to areas who may not usually attend
  • Goal: Identify PET educational awareness opportunities
    Objective: Raising awareness to public safety personnel and special interest groups
  • Goal: Establishing regional PET teams
    Objective: Promote cooperation and continuity between state and local public safety agencies
  • Goal: Modernize public education materials
    Objective: Identify, purge and update literature, resources and materials used by public educators
  • Goal: Creation/enhancement of 9-1-1 educational app
    Objective: Introduce 9-1-1 education through alternative technical format
  • Goal: Launch co-op ordering system
    Objective: Provide cost effective opportunities for public educators state wide
  • Goal: Update/create new public safety character(s)
    Objective: Present characters used in 9-1-1 education that coincide with current technology
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